My new drawing

I finally finished and now I can show you!
12 in * 18 in (45,7cm * 30,5cm), pencils 4H, HB, B, 2B, 6B.


The protest this evening in Washington, DC

I find it difficult to talk about the protests in the United States, because I still do not know much about this country, about the deep processes that are occurring. But one thing I do know: that blood and violence in this world should have no place.
My photo report from the rally in Washington, DC (April, 29, 2015):
3 4 6


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Hello, friends!

I finally finished painting a portrait of my wonderful friends John and Michael. I hope you enjoy what I did. Now I’m ready to take orders for custom portraits. If you are interested, please message me to place an order so we can discuss details of what you would like done. Hopefully this will be a great support in such a difficult time for us…

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HRC National Dinner


Yesterday we were very lucky to attend an HRC National Dinner.

So many emotions, so many impressions. It is the first time we attended an event of such a magnitude. It is very motivating and encouraging for our future activism and gives us strength to fight for equality. To fight for equality here in the US, in Russia and in the world.

John Becker, Michael Knaapen, Charles Sloan Chan Massey and Joseph Chan, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend this event!

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We still need your help


Dear friends! We still need your help and support! I will be writing very short text. At the moment we have two of the most important and difficult problems:

1) Help with translations. We’re almost done to translate the publications in the media. But we have a large number of documents, letters and testimony. They are difficult to translate, so we are looking for those who really do the job. We will be very thankful and grateful to you …

2) Two women are coming to Washington DC from Russia really soon. I wrote about this here: New asylum seekers from Putin’s Russia. They still continue to look for housing. It will be very nice if we can help them. We really want to support them in the difficult period of life.

If you can, share this post with your friends.
Thank you for your solidarity and support!

P.s. Once again I am sorry for my mistakes and poor knowledge of the English language.

Now we’re a real family!

Today is the day of our happiness. Today, Igor and I were married!

Almost 4.5 years ago, we met and immediately fell in love. Ever since, we’ve dreamed of not only living together, but becoming a real family. Today, we can finally say: We are a family!

A year ago we could not even imagine that our lives would be like this: that we’d leave for America, and that we would be legally married. But today, this is our reality.

Thank you, friends!

Thank you, John and Michael, for helping to change our lives! Thank you very much for becoming a part of our lives, and thank you for organizing this day.

Thanks to all the Americans who fought every day for our and your ability to be happy!

We love you, people!!! We are happy!

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