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The protest this evening in Washington, DC

I find it difficult to talk about the protests in the United States, because I still do not know much about this country, about the deep processes that are occurring. But one thing I do know: that blood and violence in this world should have no place.
My photo report from the rally in Washington, DC (April, 29, 2015):
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Help Andrew and Basil Take Our Next Step

Hello, Friends!

10431117_768803509809365_2972436392808531407_oI am writing to you with a request for help and support. My husband and I are looking for a new place to live. Unfortunately, we still do not have work permits, so we will be extremely grateful to whomever helps us find a place where we can live for free. Ideally, we are looking for a private room for the two of us in DC or nearby (Virginia or Maryland). This is important because we are currently working with our attorney and taking an English course in Washington, DC. We are conscientious, tactful and educated couple. We have been together for 5 years and have recently married. Professionally, Andrey is a journalist and Basil is a designer. We do not drink, and do not have any pets. We are halfway through the process of receiving asylum in the USA, and we hope that the most difficult part of our lives will be over soon.

We are very grateful for our friends John and Michael. They are amazing people, with whom we have lived for almost 8 months. We have become great friends throughout this time, and these have been wonderful days! Thank you, John and Michael!

However, eight months in a one-bedroom apartment is a long time, so together we have come to the conclusion that it’s time to find our next place to live.

We will be very thankful for your help!

Andrew and Basil


Escape from Russia: my Independence Day

Gay Russian Asylum-Seekers Marry in D.C.

Gay asylum seeker flees violence in Putin’s Russia




Drawing, Cigarettes and European Court of Human Rights.

A few days ago Pasha Lebedev, lawer Olga Gnezdilova and I brought the 561_418337case to European Court of Human Rights. The reason for this decision is well known: we have long had sued the mayor’s office of Voronezh, the city police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs after the picket January 20, 2014 against the law about «gay propaganda.» We were beaten. But in Russia, we were not able to achieve justice and punish those responsible.

The second news: after Natasha Tsymbalova I quit smoking. I smoked for over 13 years. I hope I will succeed.

The third news: I finished a new drawing. Every day there are more and more. I like it! My dream is to go to art school in the United States.


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