My new Life

Hello Friends!

On July 2, 2014 I started my new life.

On that day my fiancé and I got on a plane at Moscow’s Vnukovo and after a few hours we arrived in New York City. We then travelled to Washington DC which is our new home.

It was the first time in our life outside of Russia. We had never travelled to other countries and now we had to move to the United States.
The reason we left was because of the persecution and hatred in Russia. This fear and violence is what made us decided to forget the past and to take a step forward towards a happy life. This however was a very serious and difficult decision; but at the same time it has been an amazing adventure.  Which is the adventure called Life.

The past three months here have been filled with many events. We have been living together with two amazing guys, our new friends Michael and John. They have become the people who teach us how to live in a new reality; like our parents did it many years ago. We also have been preparing our documents to apply for asylum. We started learning English and have been busy meeting new people. We study a new History, a new Culture, a new way of life.  We regularly go and picket in front of The White House. We are also planning on getting married soon.

I wanted to tell you all of this so I started this blog where you can learn how I live in the USA as a Russian gay Asylum Seeker.

It would give me great pleasure if you like what I will post here.
Thank you!

P.s. Please accept my apologies for the very poor knowledge of English. But I will try very hard not to make mistakes and improve my skills in English.


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